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What make Totter + Tumble different to the other playmats on the market?

So much! We could tell you about so many features that set our playmats apart from other types of playmats. 

In addition to the unique features discussed on our About page, a huge bonus is longevity and suitability for the busy home, designed with all members of the family in mind. The closed cell memory foam design provides noise reduction as well.

Nos tapis sont fabriqués avec de la mousse PVC à mémoire de forme non toxique de la plus haute qualité et ne contiennent pas de BPA, de phtalates, de plomb, de latex, de formamide, de formaldéhyde, d'EVA ou de retardateurs de flamme. Il est résistant, épais et lourd, ce qui fait de nos tapis de jeu une pièce sûre et belle de votre intérieur, et un espace de jeu protecteur et confortable pendant de nombreuses années. 

We are so confident that our playmats are fault free that we include a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

I can't choose between the designs - help!

Our Design Guide should help you decide which playmat is perfect for you. You may want to purchase a swatch to see the quality in person and the design in your home too. Don't forget to consider the design on the reverse as well.

I want one- what is delivery like?

You won't have to wait long!

Please our Returns and Delivery information page for full information.

If you live in the US or UK, visit your specific Totter + Tumble website.

I missed out on my favourite design. Do you take preorders?

We work really hard to keep our playmats as in-stock as possible, but between a global shipping crisis and incredibly supportive Totter + Tumblers eager to snap them up, we do go out of stock from time to time. Not to worry, we always have more on their way and as soon as we are more confident with their arrival schedule, we do open for preorders.

Please note, your chosen payment method will have the total deducted at the point of preorder. If you order one playmat on preorder, and another in stock, we will likely hold the order and dispatch together. Please email us if you would like to split the order or go ahead and place separate orders.

What if I need a different size?

There are four sizes available, all with 1.3cm thickness.

Le format standard, assorti à un grand tapis, mesure 210 cm x 140 cm et est disponible dans tous les motifs. 

Le Compact a toujours de l'espace pour que toute la famille puisse jouer dessus et est assorti à un tapis britannique standard de 185 cm x 125 cm. 

Le Round, qui est exclusivement disponible dans les designs Scout + Wanderer , est parfait pour s'intégrer dans les recoins, avec ses 138 cm x 138 cm.

The new Play Runner is 180cm x 65cm.

Veuillez noter que les tapis de jeu peuvent s'étirer de quelques centimètres au fur et à mesure qu'ils s'adaptent à leur nouvelle maison familiale.

Vous avez un espace plus grand ? Comme les tapis de jeu Totter + Tumble sont fabriqués à partir d'un matériau robuste, ils s'adaptent parfaitement l'un à l'autre sans glisser constamment comme le font les tapis de jeu plus légers, bien que nous ne puissions pas garantir que les motifs seront parfaitement alignés et qu'il peut y avoir une légère différence de taille lorsqu'ils s'adaptent, comme indiqué ci-dessus.

How do I clean our playmat?

Roll out and wipe down! You only need to use a gentle cleaning solution and a cloth to keep the playmat clean. Simple. If you’re not sure if your cleaner is gentle, a good indicator is if it’s deemed to be okay on your skin, it’s okay on the playmat. There are exceptions though, including baby and water wipes and spray cleaners with citric or hypochlorous acid, you can read our full Care Guide here. You can always pop us an email via if you’re unsure as well.

Although our mats are wipedown, they can still stain so be careful when using food colourings in messy play, picnicking on berries and anything acidic etc and wipe off spillages quickly. Remember to clean under the playmat regularly too. Keep any heavy furniture, sharply clawed pets and vacuums off your mat to minimise the risk of damaging your playmat.

The inner edge has a curl- what can I do?

De même que lorsque vous vous tenez debout sur votre tapis de jeu en mousse à mémoire de forme, une légère impression de vos pieds reste temporairement, votre tapis de jeu se souvient de la façon dont il a été roulé pour arriver jusqu'à vous. Il est très facile de lui apprendre à se défaire de cette mémoire : roulez-le fermement dans le sens inverse, en pliant la boucle dans la direction opposée, et laissez-le toute la nuit. Lorsque vous le roulerez le matin, il sera plat !

Alternatively, turn under the curl and scoot along the edge with your knees. If you'd like a video demonstrating how, email us at

I hear Totter + Tumble playmats are great for pilates and yoge- tell me more

You are absolutely right, lots of customers have told us how great these are for exercise. The thick cushioning is similar to that of a more deluxe Pilates mat to support the body during floor and side work. Yoga mats are typically thinner to increase connection with the solid floor for balances. However, yet again, the memory foam style of our playmats make a stable surface, ideal for yoga moves.

Can I take my Totter + Tumble out and about?

Nos tapis de jeu peuvent certainement être enroulés et déplacés à l'extérieur. Cependant, leur fonction première est d'être un élément permanent de votre maison. Pour obtenir un rembourrage de luxe et un élément antidérapant, nos tapis de jeu sont fabriqués en mousse lourde de haute qualité.

Si vous utilisez votre tapis de jeu à l'extérieur, nous vous suggérons de faire attention aux pierres ou objets pointus qui pourraient endommager la surface. Votre tapis de jeu ne doit pas être laissé en plein soleil pendant une période prolongée car il pourrait se décolorer.

À quels types de revêtements de sol les tapis de jeu Totter + Tumble conviennent-ils ?

Lots of you tell us of your frustration of slipping or breaking up jigsaw playmats. Don’t worry! Totter + Tumble’s weightier memory foam and texturised imprint means that they are more stable on carpeted, wood or tiled flooring. We have never seen a Standard size playmat, at over 10 kgs, move and at over 7 kgs our Compact playmats do well at staying put, though your flooring may have more of an impact on it too - e.g. if it is without grain or slippy itself. 

Clear of any layers, the playmats have a tog value of approximately 3.5 and are fine with underfloor heating. Your flooring supplier should be able to advise you on what kind of floor coverings are suitable for your floor (and underfloor heating combination), if they haven’t already. 

There is a small code on my playmat

Yes, every playmat has an individual code on it in accordance with the UK, US and European Standards, to make sure each playmat is traceable to its manufacture and to protect your consumer rights. 

Offrez-vous des rabais ?

We choose to price fairly and consistently, so you do not need to worry about missing out regular sales and promotions.

Everyone is able to receive a welcome discount by signing up to our newsletter, which is here.


In collaboration with Morris & Co. Home to William Morris.
totter and tumble multi-functional foam playmats for baby & toddler, perfect onepiece play mats in morris & co willow bough print is reversible with strawberry thief on double sided padded foam playmat leafy botanical play mats
A play mat with a subtle, timeless aesthetic on both sides
Morris & Co. The Willow Boughs Playmat
From €100
totter and tumble play foam mats in Morris & Co chrysanthemum print iconic interior design to suit all home play spaces, protect the floor and your little one when learning tummy time tricks, crawling or baby first steps in a safe non toxic play mat space
A versatile play mat with a subtle and elegant designs from morris & co. archive
Morris & Co. The Chrysanthemum Playmat
From €100
mum and baby playing on totter and tumble padded playmat foam play mat in morris & co heritage design severn, toddlers learning to walk on comfy padded playrug non slip textured surface easy to clean and wipedown washable play mat one piece and reversible to suit your family home
A play mat with a simple and muted two-sided pattern from the morris & Co. collaboration with totter and tumble
Morris & Co. The Severn Playmat
From €100
totter and tumble playmats baby playing in kitchen play mat padded to protect your little one, reversible morris & co designs to suit your home interior nursery decor playful strawberry thief
A double-sided play mat with a versatile, heritage patterns from morris & co. totter + tumble collaboration
Morris & Co. The Strawberry Thief Playmat
From €100